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Suzanne Liska

Suzanne Liska is a dance artist, choreographer, and teacher, specializing in dance improvisation since 1998, capturing and expanding the boundaries of momentum and partnering. Co-founder of aLOFT, a performance ensemble, Suzanne collaborates with dancers in Canada, USA, Japan and Europe. She has been a company dancer for Kathleen Rea since 2008, dancing in the three times Dora Award nominated Long Live. She also works with choreographers Rebecca Bryant, Susan Lee, Maxine Heppner, Pam Johnson, and Karen Kaeja. Suzanne holds Bachelor Degrees in Arts and in Education and has been a teacher for about 15 years. She teaches Contact Improv Dance, Advanced Partnering, Spontaneous Composition (Improv Ensemble dance), and with Susan Sinclair, AIM Alexander Technique Informed Movement. Funded by a SSHRC award while currently pursuing her MA in Dance at York University, allowed her the opportunity to research, teach and perform in Japan and choreograph a new piece for aLOFT in 2016.