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Christian Feliciano

Christian Feliciano is a Toronto-born actor, singer, fight director and actor-combatant. Christian received what can only be described as the best education experience of his life at Humber College, graduating with an advanced diploma in the Theatre Performance program under the direction of Diana Belshaw. In his short career, Christian has been fortunate enough to be able to travel all over the world including Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, the U.K and Israel and all around the USA. Past film/tv credits include: Man With Knife in Reach (Ring Out Media); Michael Castro in Dual Suspects (Cineflix); Edwardo Sanchez in Urban Legends (Cineflix); Contestant on Date My Playlist (MTV Canada); Cuquid in The Rise of a Pride (Young Aria Inc.); and, Vic in Spoiled in Suburbia (Young Aria Inc.) Selected theatre credits include: Raven, Raven Stole the Sun (Red Sky Performance); Fili, The Hobbit (The Grand Theatre); Laertes, Hamlet (Forward Theatre); Mike Chao, Banana Boys (Fu-Gen); The Ram, Les Moutons (CORPUS); Capitan Kato, The Flock of Flyers (CORPUS); The Mock Turtle, Alice in Wonderland (Stage West); Romeo, Romeo and Juliet (Forward Theatre); Tootles, Peter Pan (Stage West); Macduff, Macbeth (Forward Theatre); Mercury, R+J: Brampton (A.C.T), Maupin Fighter/Martial Artist, Duel of Ages (TrueEdge Productions); Osric, Hamlet (Hart House Theatre); Gregory and Balthasar, Romeo and Juliet (A.C.T); Don Antonio, The Rover (Humber Theatre); Lampwick, The Alchemy of Wood (Humber Theatre); The Narrator/Bob the Saw, Threepenny Opera (Humber Theatre). Fight Directing credits include: Hamlet, Treasure Island, Macbeth, The Rise of a Pride, The Making of St. Jerome, and various independent movies and plays.