David Storch

David is a director, an actor, and a teacher. He has been working at theatres across Canada for 30 years. He has directed shows on some of the country’s smallest stages (Instructions to Any Future Socialist Government Wishing to Abolish Christmas at Toronto’s Coal Mine Theatre; The Hours That Remain at Saskatoon’s Gordon Tootoosis Nikaniwin Theatre), and some of her largest (Take Me Out, The Beard of Avon, Misery on Canadian Stage’s Bluma Appel stage). His production of Glengarry Glen Ross at Soulpepper was one of the most successful productions in that company’s history. He has acted for most of the country’s major theatres, including Soulpepper, Canadian Stage, The Tarragon, The Stratford Festival,Manitoba Theatre Centre, The Citadel, The Atlantic Theatre Festival, and Vancouver Playhouse. He has taught acting and play-making at Soulpepper and the National Theatre School, and is a regular guest teacher at George Brown Theatre School.