Kids Program

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Is it possible to build confidence, learn social skills, become a good team player, nurture self-discipline, … and still have fun? Of course—Randolph Kids students do it every day!

Through Randolph Kids, young students take their first small steps toward big dreams. Currently Randolph Kids offers classes for students 3-17 in:

  • Acting: Improvisation, Team Building, Monologue, Scene Study and more for theatre AND for film
  • Dance: Full level set offered in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Acro, and Breakdance
  • Triple Threat®: Singing, Dancing, Acting, Broadway Musical Studies and Productions!

Randolph Kids also offers opportunities to learn and perform through the Randolph Glee Choir and the Randolph Dance Crew.

To find out more about our year-long performing arts program or our Glee Summer Camp, email



Due to the progressive nature of the classes in Randolph Kids, it is necessary that students make every effort to attend all classes.  Frequently missed classes can result in a disruption of the class flow.  There is a direct correlation between children who attend regularly and their enjoyment of the program.  We are committed to giving students the best arts education possible.  We also strive to put on the best year-end showcase that we can.  We will make every effort to have each and every student have their "moment in the spotlight", but if there is considerable absenteeism, then a student's "moments" may be limited. A maximum of 3 absences per semester (Sep-Dec & Jan-June) will be allowed before a student may be asked to leave the program or pulled from year-end showcase numbers.  No make-up classes will be given for missed classes. As we are aware illness is unavoidable, we would appreciate keeping other absences (i.e., birthday parties, etc) to a minimum.  Kindly inform the school in advance of any lateness or absence.



It is customary to arrive 15 minutes before your class begins and stretch in the hallway outside your class, especially for dance.  Please note, latecomers may not be admitted into class. Please sign in at the office.  Enter the classroom only when you are dressed in proper attire (eg. dancewear).  It is always a good idea to go to the washroom before the class begins. [This is especially important for the Tiny Tots and the Combo classes.]



Proper attire is required for every class. Students who are not properly attired will not be allowed to participate.

Please see individual Divisions for dress code requirements and review the Attire List

Click here for a list of dancewear stores in the GTA.



On the first day of classes, parents are welcome to watch from the door. We know you are all very excited for your child and want to see what they are doing. This is a wonderful time for you and your child as they learn the joy of the arts; however, constant movement in the classroom from parents peeking in the door is very distracting to the children and interrupts the flow of the class.  So that the students can get the full benefit of the class, the door will be closed and we ask that all parents please wait outside until the children are released by the teacher.  You will have an opportunity to review your child’s progress during the annual Open Houses.



If you have dance shoes (in good condition) that your child has grown out of, you may want to sell them.  If so, please feel free to post a sign on our bulletin board located just beside Studio 101 (next to the office). Please put your contact information along with the type of shoe, the size and the selling price.  We also have our "Donated Shoes" box in the office.  Please feel free to drop your old dance shoes off here, and likewise if you are in need of a pair, please feel free to take a look!



All students have either chosen to pay the full amount or by payment plan.  Payment will be processed on September 1 (and December 1 for those who chose the payment plan).  There will be a charge of $25.00 for any cheque returned to us by your bank for any reason.  No refunds for classes after December 1, 2017.  ALL withdrawals must be done in writing.



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Kids Program at any time.  For questions about a specific class it is always best to contact the teacher of the class directly, by speaking to him/her before or after the class.  You may also speak with the Kids Program Director if you wish.  If you would like to speak to a teacher by phone, please call the Kids Program Director who will have the teacher call you directly.